While realizing that not every mother is going to, or is even able to be home with her child, Komisar argues that the worst thing we could do is close our eyes to the effect that maternal absence has on young children, because if we refuse to see it, we cannot address it.
Why Absent Moms Matter
Rachel Darnall

While I hesitated to comment, because I’m the ‘man’ in a very intelligent article about Motherhood (thanks Rachel!), I hope grandparents like myself pay attention. So many Mothers and Fathers struggle with the dilemma of returning to work immediately in order to make ends meet. Single Mothers have no choice. I feel it’s up to the grandparents who have the funds to support young families of their own to step up. I could never forgive myself if my granddaughter didn’t have her Mother at this critical time in her development. This, to me, is more important than ‘golden years’ of travel and golf, or whatever.

Our fearless leaders speak in platitudes of ‘making it possible for our children to live better lives than ours’, but this will only happen if we as individual families give our best efforts to make it happen, one precious child at a time.