I Lost Feeling in My Clit. Here’s How I Got it Back
Amanda Van Slyke

I am curious. Did you get tested for Type II or check your blood sugar levels? With men there is a very high connection between ED and high blood sugar as well as diminished sensation.

As a Type II diabetic I have learned that fruit is not a “safe” food. Fructose is mostly processed by the liver and it is pretty much sent directly into fat storage. With processed sugars we get a 50/50 double whammy of fructose and glucose. While the liver is doing its magic with the fructose part the insulin is trying to deal with the extra, and much unneeded glucose, by storing it as fat.

In my own experimenting with diet I have found that highly refined grains act much like sugar on the blood glucose levels and they also promote the crazed eating pattern that looks a lot like addictive eating. For me sugar and refined grains go hand in hand, I can’t seem to quit one of them without quitting both of them.

It has taken me a little over a year to get the “parts” back on line-still not quite what I was but getting there.

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