I Was Suspended from Facebook for my #MeToo Post
Deborah Copaken

What praise can I offer that even comes close to being equal to what you have done. I am both gratified and horrified by the MeToo response by women. I am happy that they finally have a forum to decry what has been done to them and I am horrified that they have had to put up with this aspect of male sexuality.

I was initially quite self congratulatory that I had never done anything like this to a girl or a woman and then began to wonder if maybe I had. No street corner flashing or “Hey, Baby, you wanna do it” kinds of things but maybe other pressures when I thought the desire I felt was reciprocal. I’ve never pushed it beyond a “no, I don’t want this with you” and I suppose that is good, but maybe there were times when the “no” was just not said out loud. I don’t know, but all of this has me thinking about it.

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