Microfinance manager shares her secrets for success financing entrepreneurs

Zhu Yanyan, general manager of Chinese microfinance company Grassland Inner Mongolia.

With nearly 5 million residents, Chifeng isn’t a small city. But as it sprawls across the vast prairie of Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region in northern China, some parts of the city feel almost rural. This combination of rural and urban create a diverse mix of clients for Grassland Inner Mongolia.

Initially launched as Accion Microcredit China in 2009, Grassland Inner Mongolia remains a locally registered microcredit company (MCC) but is now part of the Pan-China operation, Grassland Finance Ltd. Accion partners with Grassland to help deliver financial services to China’s underserved businesses using in-person, mobile, and digital platforms. Over…

Last week in New York, we were thrilled to join the Social Good Summit, an annual two-day event focused on how technology can help solve the world’s most pressing problems. Accion’s CEO Michael Schlein did a live chat on Facebook with Mashable business editor Jason Abbruzzese to discuss how digital technology is changing financial inclusion for the world’s three billion financially underserved. You can watch the video here:

Michael and Jason cover several trends in technology and impact investing, such as mobile money, wearables, and psychometric data. They discuss how those trends can help the financially underserved save, borrow…

Content still reigns; how you fetch it is changing quickly. photo by Jim Rosenberg

five takeaways that will affect social good in the coming year

My head is still full of ideas and thoughts from this year’s WPP’s Stream unconference, the annual mind meld around all things digital — from the neuroscience of marketing (did your eyes really see what they saw?) to the latest thinking around content strategy… and even a session on work/life balance. Sadly, I was catching up on emails during that one. Here are five takeaways that will affect social good in the coming year:

1. Agencies and nonprofits still struggle to understand each other.

Ad guy, want to help…

my next chapter: a shift away from pure digital

I’ve got some exciting news to share.

I’m returning to one of my professional passions, financial inclusion. It has been more than five years since I wrote stuff like this, before going on to scale up social media for the World Bank Group. And then to lead digital transformation at UNICEF. But if you were to trawl my Twitter timeline, you’d see that I actually never stepped away from #fininc and #fintech.

This fall, I’ll join the leadership team at Accion, a global pioneer in financial inclusion. Helming communications for Accion will give me a hands-on role in a highly…

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Digital when analog was still cool. Focused on mobile, social, polyglot future as Chief Communications Officer for Accion. http://www.about.me/jimrosenberg

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