We Literally Wrote the Book on Product Roadmaps

At ProductPlan we’ve been fortunate to work with some of the most forward-thinking product managers at the world’s most successful companies. We’ve had a chance to learn along with them, and in turn we’re sharing that knowledge with you through our free book Product Roadmaps: Your Guide to Planning and Selling Your Strategy.

In my 15 years of product management and new product development, I’ve learned that product vision, goal-driven decisions, customer evidence, ruthless prioritization, and clear roadmap communication are essential for product success.

Product roadmaps are central to what you do as a product manager. But every week I hear how product managers still struggle with planning, creating, and communicating a compelling roadmap. After working with thousands of product teams and others involved with creating, marketing and managing products, we’ve learned that there is no single best way to roadmap.

Because there are so many different types of products, companies and product managers, every roadmap is different. Regardless of whether or not your title is “product manager,” your goal in developing your roadmap will always be the same: To clearly articulate where you’re headed, and to show your strategy to your stakeholders in a compelling way. For this reason, the lessons in this book will be helpful for those developing IT, technology, engineering, and marketing roadmaps as well.

In this book we talk about product roadmaps from two perspectives: The process of discovering and communicating the roadmap, and the document you build to communicate the roadmap. You’ll learn:

• The Key Role of Product Managers. We’ll define what a product roadmap is and discuss the important role you have as its steward.

• Tying Strategy to Your Roadmap. We’ll discuss the importance of product vision and goals, and how these tie back to the roadmap.

Planning and Prioritizing Your Roadmap. We’ll give you several practical approaches to thinking through the best initiatives to put on your roadmap.

Building Your Roadmap. We’ll provide you tips and specific examples of roadmaps to inspire your own roadmap process.

Communicating Your Roadmap. We’ll give you suggestions for how to work with your stakeholders to achieve better alignment around the roadmap.

We’ve attempted to distill our learnings from other product managers. From that, we hope that you can pick out a few new techniques and best practices to help you sell your product vision and become a more effective product manager.

It’s free so please download and share it. We hope you enjoy it.