Here’s Why NOT Voting is Both the SMARTEST and MOST LEGITIMATE Option Regardless of Which Side You…
Kevin Michael Geary

Hey, Kevin — I’m coming to this conversation really late, obviously, but I just came upon your post from last year. You are obviously very passionate about this subject and I can certainly identify with the emotions that lead you to your conclusion. I am a slowly converting libertarian and I’ve heard this from quite a few other libertarian commentators. I’m not sure I’m totally on board with the logic of it yet.

For one thing, in your analogy, the “compensation/motivation” that drives the “owner” of the imaginary company is unit sales and revenue. For the analogous political “owner” I don’t believe the compensation/motivation is really votes. Instead, “follow the money” — the political owner’s compensation/motivation is really political contributions and whatever other ways their pockets are lined — both currently in office and later when they leave office.

So, my fear is that even if the vast majority of us stopped voting except for a handful of people — that handful would be their contributors, they would still be elected, and they would just go on, business as usual. And they really wouldn’t care about the unwashed masses then — not even when they pretend to during election time….At least, I suppose, it would be an unvarnished, transparent oligarchic situation instead of being cloaked in “democratic” sheep’s clothing.

I don’t claim to have this figured out — I’m sure no one does…. At the very least I’d be inclined to modify your proposal to be, “don’t vote in general elections — but vote in primaries for liberty-leaning candidates. And, vote against every incumbent, always….”

In any case, Kevin, I appreciate your zeal for liberty!

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