Global Climate Change — Politically?

After the first round of French parliamentary election results, I’m seeing a political climate change coming quickly.

Just as this Economist article suggests that Theresa May — and the Conservatives — misread a shifting or realignment of voter values, or what we call “planks of the party platform.” Is the same thing occurring in France?

Most Americans do not realize that Macron’s party has only been in existence for two years, or at least present on the radar. For Macron and his party to take this level of majority votes has to mean that core voters of the two older established parties in France must have crossed over. Change is hard, as these two parties have been in power for more than 70 years.

The United States has primarily been a two-party country, but it wasn’t always the Democrats and Republicans. First the Federalists (Alexander Hamilton), and the Democratic-Republicans (Jefferson). Jackson caused a schism in the Democratic-Republican party, and the Whig Party was formed, going on to elect two US presidents — Polk and Pierce. The Federalists dissolved, and its party members either went to the Demo-Repubs or Whigs. Then the Republican Party (of Lincoln — what would he think of his party today?) was formed and the Whigs faltered. Former Whigs joined either the Democrats (formerly Demo-Repubs) or the new Republicans.

Since then, there have been many attempts to form a new party, most notably — Teddy Roosevelt (Bull Moose) and Ross Perot, who denied George HW Bush the presidency, with Bill Clinton being elected with less than 50% of the popular vote.

In these transitions of parties, what The Economist article alludes to as “values” of the British voters, I analogize to our “planks in the platform.”

The “planks” of the current parties’ platforms in Britain, France, and the United States are being dismantled and being reassembled into new parties, new foci of power. It’s no secret the Democratic Party is having an internal struggle between its traditional factions and the faction led by Bernie Sanders (and his youth corps). Might Bernie ultimately cause a schism and create the new Whig party of our times? I’m sure Bernie would appreciate the humor of being labeled, “whig-ed out!!”

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