Your College Degree is Worthless
Isaac Morehouse

I mostly agree. Our daughter (Class of 2013) studied clarinet for four years under a very demanding and gifted professor. She is now a successful music educator and her time and expense getting the education and the tools to succeed was worth it. Unfortunately, it is easy to see that she is the exception. She went to college knowing exactly what she wanted and had a plan. SO MANY kids don’t and have no idea the “color of their parachute” going in. I was one such soul back in the early 80’s. So the point of your article is nothing new to me. I was among many rudderless with no idea what I wanted to do and my degree is merely a piece of paper with the value of a punched train ticket. It got me where I needed to go and was simply back-up for a boxed checked in order to get to the desired train station, a job in “management”. I was lost in the system and my career chose me. Not a bad thing but the degree was not terribly important.

Colleges today would serve better in putting more emphasis on helping young minds to find their way. Otherwise, as your article points out, they are weighing the system down by the hordes of students just getting by with doing the bare minimum. Been there, done that. 2.9 GPA and a Party degree proudly displayed in sheepskin, framed and on my wall for only me to see. No one else really cares.

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