The President Trump Math Quiz

Photo by Antoine Dautry on Unsplash

Future history teachers will have a lot of teachable moments from the Trump Presidency. But I’m a math teacher, not a history teacher, and I say, “Let’s use the Trump Presidency to improve American proficiency in mathematics NOW.” I’m guessing neither the Fake News Media nor the Fox News Media would object to that.

Here you will find no mention of the Russian investigation, Scott Pruitt, the Charlottesville rally, or the imbroglio involving immigrant children separated from their parents. Here you will find only math problems connected with actual data. For those media pundits — yes, I’m talking about Sean, Tucker, Laura, and the rest of the Friends — who feel that this test is slanted too much towards the negative stories spewed by the Fake News media, just send me numerical data involving positive Trump stories and I’ll be happy to construct a second test based on them. This goes for members of the base as well. However, I’m only doing that one for cash in advance — we math teachers haven’t benefited all that much from either the Trump tax decrease or the Trump tariffs, and I’ve got a mortgage to pay.

As a math teacher, I’m all about the math. I’m a believer in MAGA — Make Americans Grasp Algebra. I’ll let those future history teachers weigh in when the time comes. Presidents come and go, but we’ll always have the Pythagorean Theorem and the Quadratic Formula. After all, nobody remembers any politician from ancient Greece, but Pythagoras, Euclid, and Archimedes still command our admiration and respect. Well, they command mine.

All the questions in this one are based on actual data concerning President Trump. The level of the questions is roughly that of a high-school Algebra II course, but some are a little harder and some a little easier. The correct answers are at the end of the test, along with a Trump-like evaluation of what your scores mean.

You have 90 minutes — but you really shouldn’t need that much time. If I gave this exam to high-school students, I’d allow them to use a scientific calculator but not a graphing calculator.

[1] According to The Atlantic, as of July 5th , 2018, 6 of Trump’s original 19 choices for Cabinet positions have been replaced 530 days into the Trump presidency. Assuming exponential rate of decay, what is the half-life for replacement of an original Trump Cabinet position? Disregard the fact that some positions have needed more than one appointee.

[2] According to Rasmussen Reports, the following data represents Trump’s approval rating as a percentage after a number of days in office. TAR stands for Trump Approval Rating

100 days — 47%

200 days — 41%

300 days — 41%

400 days — 50%

500 days — 48%

Use this data to find the equation of the least-squares line that best fits the data, and use that equation to predict what the TAR will be after 650 days in office (which is just before the 2018 midterms).

[3] According to the website, as of July 5th, 2018, 530 days into his presidency, Donald Trump has had 116 daytime visits to golf clubs, costing the taxpayer at least $69,250,586. Assuming these figures are accurate, exact, and continue at precisely this rate, what will be the average total cost to each citizen of Trump’s golf visits by the end of the four year term that concludes on January 19th, 2021? Assume that there are 330 million citizens.

[4] The RealClearPolitics generic ballot for the period from June 13th to July 3rd shows that 45.7% of voters favor Democrats, whereas 38.3% of the voters favor Republicans. To two decimal places, what percentage of the remaining voters must the Republicans win in order to split the generic ballot 50–50?

[5] An article on dated 12/4/17 describes the allegations of the 19 women who have accused Trump of either inappropriate touching, inappropriate kissing, or other inappropriate behavior. 5 of the women accused him only of inappropriate behavior. 3 accused him of both inappropriate touching and kissing. 8 accused him of inappropriate kissing. Given that a woman in this article had accused him of inappropriate kissing or touching, what is the probability that she accused him of inappropriate touching?

[6] The current Trump close relatives, not counting ex-wives, consists of his wife Melania, his daughter Ivanka, and his sons Donald, Eric, and Baron. How many ways can they line up for a photograph if President Trump is between the two women?

[7] A Washington Post-ABC poll taken on April 15th, 2018 showed that 53% of whites approved of Trump, while 60% of whites without college degrees approve of Trump. If 37% of whites have college degrees (The Hill, April 3rd, 2017), what percentage of whites with college degrees approve of Trump?

[8] Suppose that Trump decides that Michael Cohen should be reimbursed for the $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels, and decides to do it by paying 15% down and the remainder by making payments at 4 1/4% interest compounded monthly for four years. What is the amount of each monthly payment, assuming the first payment is made a month after the down payment?

[9] As White House communications director, Jason Miller served 2 days, Sean Spicer 119 days (in two separate stints), Mike Dubke 90 days, Anthony Scaramucci 10 fun-filled days, and Hope Hicks 196 days. Find the mean, median, and mode of this distribution.(Washington Post, February 28th, 2018)

[10] After the next Associate Justice is confirmed, the 9-man Supreme Court will have two Trump appointees. In how many ways can a 6–3 majority opinion arise with both Trump appointees in the majority?


[1] 968 days

[2] TAR = 0.0l1 DAYS + 42.1, TAR will be 49.25 after 650 days.

[3] Slightly less than $0.58

[4] 73.13%

[5] 9/14

[6] 48

[7] 41%

[8] $2507.37

[9] Mean — 83.4 days

Median — 90 days

Mode — none (trick question, what’s a math test without a trick question?)

[10] 35


9–10 right — You’re obviously one of the Best People Trump is going to appoint to the Administration. Keep watching your emails.

7–8 right — You’re obviously one of the Next Best People Trump is going to appoint to the Administration after he runs out of Best People.

4–6 right — You may not get appointed to the Trump Administration, but Trump is happy as long as you make sure not to vote for the Dems.

2–3 — Trump probably thinks that once students with scores like this get out of those liberal-infested public schools and into charter schools such as the ones run by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, their scores will improve substantially because they’re not being indoctrinated with nonsense like climate change.

0–1 — Trump probably thinks that this is the score Maxine Waters would get if she took this test.