Cool Idea For Netflix

Netflix should have a thing where they put printed labels on VHS-sized boxes for all their newest, most popular titles. Then they should put those in a store kind of thing, like a brick and mortar place. And you can pick out what you want to watch, but you can only pick two at a time. You could go in there with your significant other and you’d have to decide on a movie. But not in private, like in front of everyone. So you’d really have to think about saying some shit like “I don’t think Billy Bob Thornton is that good of an actor” out loud. And you’d pick something hastily, because the lights in the Netflix store would inevitably be a harsh fluorescent.

Then once you picked your movie, you’d have to go to a guy at a counter to give him your login, so he can add it to your queue. And he would have to roll his eyes a little bit at you no matter what movies you chose, unless it was Eraserhead, which wouldn’t even be an option in this scenario. But he would be like “Bad Santa 2… cool.” And you’d both know he was being a smug prick, but he’d try to sell you a bag of shitty popcorn anyway. So you’d buy the popcorn and that guy would make fun of you to his co-worker on your way out. And you’d think about going back in there and being like “Some people just want to be entertained you fucking nerd.” but then you wouldn’t because you just want to get home.

Then, you’d go home and check your TV and your choices would be added to your Netflix thing, but you’d have to bring the box back like three to five days later, or they’d bill you extra. So you’d watch all the movies you added that night, and maybe the next morning, but for some reason you’d still forget to bring the boxes back on time, and the whole thing would end up costing you more than four movie tickets. And the next time, you’d think really hard about what you wanted to watch.

I think Netflix should do that. That’d be fun.