Words of Wisdom

We all navigate a different course in this thing called life. Not everyone has the same profession. Not everyone has the same relationship. Not everyone has the same financial status. We each have had our own challenges and obstacles to get to where we are today. I think we should take a minute to reflect on that.

I was watching a video that talked about some of the advice they would give to younger people. I’ve compiled a list of that advice from people who are already along this course so that you can make the most of your journey. I’ve added the age of the person who said the words. These are words that you can apply to your life right now.

(36) Not to be afraid to follow your passion
(37) Believe and don’t give up, and always pursue your heart, and follow your head
(38) Take your time growing up
(39) Live life to your fullest
(40) Always listen to people’s advice, you don’t have to act on it, but listen
(41) Don’t strive to be like your parents, be better than them
(42) Don’t listen to any advice
(43) Follow your passion
(44) Listen, don’t sweat the small stuff
(45) Go for it. Take advantage of every opportunity you get
(46) Don’t wait to start doing what you want to do. Do it now
(47) They should be competent in themselves and not listen to the noise from others around them. They should own themselves
(48) Plan, but always leave room for changes
(49) To learn the meaning of love, that is caring for somebody unconditionally
(50) Always follow your dreams. Don’t ever give up on your dreams
(51) Floss, and follow your dreams
(52) Practice kindness, patience with yourself and others
(53) Enjoy every single day and enjoy your children while they are young
(54) Follow your dream. Don’t be afraid. Have fun cause it’s short
(55) Live without limits
(56) You know a lot more than you think you know so just belief in yourself and be strong
(57) Get older, it beats the alternative
(58) Everything seems to have a way of working itself out
(59) Don’t spend what you don’t have, if you need to use a credit card, make sure you can pay it back in 30 days
(60) Be respectful, be committed, do your best and strive for what you really want
(61) Have no fear
(62) Try to find out something you’re really passionate about and follow that dream
(63) Do everything you want to do now. You’re still going to want to do it at my age, but you won’t have the strength or the energy
(64) Say yes to everything, if it’s not the right decision, you can always change your mind
(65) Slow down, take your time, pay attention to what you are doing
(66) Don’t hold anything back. Live so you don’t have any regrets
(67) Don’t try too hard to help people who are negative
(68) Don’t waste time. It goes by too fast
(69) There is two things. One that at the end of your life, the end of the day, two questions:
Who did I help?
What did I learn?
(70) Enjoy every day
(71) Follow your dreams, keep moving forward
(72) Don’t be frightened by things people tell you about what you should do because you should have a safe job and be able to support yourself and you shouldn’t follow that love you have
(73) Listen to your heart
(74) Listen and you’ll learn a lot more than when you just speak
(75) Do it all. Do everything you can. Experience everything.

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