PSA: America Isn’t A Democracy. And It Wasn’t Intended To Be. Primary State of Play.

One of the biggest narratives being pushed by a disturbing amount of media,pundits, and cynical deceptive campaign operatives from both parties is the notion that “America is a democracy”.

Following from this false declaration, ( BTW American is Constitutional Democratic REPUBLIC), is the argument that the raw majority vote numbers or states won by the candidate in both parties, must be followed regardless of party delegate rules. Frankly, this argument is willful, lazy, and unmitigated bull shit.

Why is the seemingly idealistic, but nonsense notion, and theory, getting pushed with increasing fervor? Simply, American media and the public, and voters, they inform are exceptionally lazy. As a rule I don’t like to go to the bash the media well because what exactly does the word “media” encompass?

However, I have suspended this rule for this specific primary season because the objective incentive, see ratings, clicks, and profit for media corporations, and by extension, political pundits and journalists is a General Election that includes 2 of the 3 candidates that Americans via the media’s beloved tool, polls, have consistently said are viewed incredibly unfavorably. Essentially, you follow and watch something more when you hate it or it makes you angry.

These three are Mr. Trump, Mr.Cruz, and of course, Hillary Clinton. It’s been pretty funny to see the various media members, specifically those left leaning with some occasional help from conservatives, who have embraced Cruz, try and ding Kasich and drag down his consistent general election positives and favorability.

The state of play heading into New York tomorrow is the Donald looks likely to win handily in New York. For those watching the GOP primary ,instead focus, on whether Kasich can out perform his poll numbers in NY and how little support Cruz gets from a State he has unabashedly bashed for having poor values. Aka one where he’s asked questions that require more than his uncompromising Conservative platform is willing to or is equipped to give.

More interesting, will be whether Hillary Clinton’s polling lead over Sanders manifests at the ballot box. The Democratic primary has reached the point where Bernie is the guy at the poker table, with a sizable chip horde, who nevertheless is constantly folding hoping for something decisive to break his way on the river.

Similar to his base style of politics mirrors on the GOP side, Trump and Cruz, Sanders in the debate last week, and consistently throughout this primary season, has declined to unload the full opposition file on Hillary because it requires deviation from his repetitive, but appealing, soaring promise filled message . Second, only to the “voice of the people” myth being pushed, is that Sanders v Clinton has gotten “soo negative and ugly”.

If one thinks the Democratic primary has been negative and ugly, best go to a unconnected, exotic island starting this summer because this General Election will show just how far the Democratic and GOP parties have fallen to their bases and big donors, and how much they have failed the collective American public.

One scenario that I would love to put ten dollars on because it would satisfy all the candidates that the media has pushed as viable, would also lead to the most controversial selecting of a President since Bush v Gore.

Hillary Clinton runs as the official Democratic nominee.

Bernie is never offered whatever position he must be angling for, and decides to take his massive war chest of small donations and the “political revolution of young donors” and runs the general election independent campaign he may have been born to run. Now why would Sanders do such a thing you may ask? Because he won’t be the only non major party upending the electoral system and major party system he detests routinely stresses must be broken up.

No, Donald “ I’m just a pious voice of the people getting screwed by rules and the GOP” Trump, in my near mythic scenario, also decides to run under his own banner. Although the GOP establishment screams and yells about the outrageous betrayal, they secretly pop champagne. Why ? Because a General with Clinton, Sanders, Trump and Cruz assures no one reaches the needed electoral vote threshold.

Thus assuring that the most despised government institution, Congress, run by the party who for eight years has executed a plan to do all in it’s power to not govern, will suddenly have the duty to pick the next President. Perhaps faced with such a grim possibility, Clinton and Sanders would finally form a unity ticket though it would require them each winning enough to pass the 270 threshold together. Maybe, but I’m not sure how such a thing would work in the electoral college.

Bottom line: the U.S is not a democracy. Americans poorly and repeatedly choose Representatives who sell themselves for paltry, but needed sums.

Good luck New York. As for the future of the Democratic REPUBLIC? Who knows. I’d put big money on chaos with some precedent.