Thank you
Hillary Clinton


Thank you for your 30 yrs of service for this nation and Democratic Party. I want to thank you and Bill Clinton for passing a bill during Bill Clinton’s Administration that expanded VA compensation for those who fought in the Vietnam War who were affected by agent orange. When that bill was passed, it got my family though a rough period of time for my mother who was left to raise three children on her own after losing my father to effects of agent orange. Instead of living paycheck to paycheck and writing countless scholarships to get a good education, I was able to afford to get catholic high school education that lead to a college degree from a major university in field that i spend my days trying to make a difference.

I don't know where i would be in life today if it wasn’t for what Bill Clinton had done for those who served their country with honor or had their lives cut short because of Agent Orange.

I feel a debt of gratitude for what you have done for my family and I always felt in my life to repay you a debt of service for what you have done for my family. I tried to repaying my debt to you by supporting you in 2008 and received heat from family and friends because i was only one willing to support you during a spirited debate of progressivism vs Obama. After you lost in 2008, I never gave up my ideas but continue to share my ideas and grow by supporting Obama in 2008+2012 and other democrats on the ballot. This year I donated to your campaign in 2016 because i still felt my debt wasn’t paid. When you started your campaign and I was watching your announcement on tv I felt a mission in my life wasnt complete. I continue to experiencing the same heat i received in 2008 with same family members and friends because i was with her. I defended the true progressives ideas that i learned from you and Obama against sick twist hijack version of Progressivism of Bernie Sanders and the Dark Fascism of Donald Trump. After watching you win the primaries, I thought i was close to finally paid off that debt i owe you at the end for what you have done for me and my family. But i felt i failed and let you down after the people of this country picked with fear of Fascism over Progressivism.

I’ll continue to fight for my beliefs and try to help make the world a better place. If i can take one tiny piece that is wrong with this world and change it for the common good, I’ll look back on what you have done as First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State and Presidential Nominee of Democratic Party or what President Obama has done as President then I would feel my debt to you has finally paid off and knowing you and Barack Obama are a inspiration for the next generation of americans just like my two nieces who are waiting for glass ceiling to break permanently.

Finally, You remind me of myself of what I have experience in the working world before landing my first job. No matter what you have on your resume and how hard you work your ass off your entire life, nice people always get the wrong end of the stick and always finishes last.

But you will never finish last and always be on the right end of stick because of work you have done for millions of Americans and the people you have helped around the world and including me in your 30 years of service to this nation.

thank you

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