Jim Walker’s Top 5 Reasons to Join the Military

20-year United States Army veteran Jim Walker discusses the benefits of serving your country

Jim Walker
Sep 16 · 3 min read

Joining the military is an honorable profession, complete with life transforming experiences and unique benefits. Despite negative connotations from some, military service is neither an opportunity to pursue a violent lifestyle nor an escape from one’s past. As a 20-year US Army veteran, Jim Walker is thankful for his time in the military and wants to encourage young Americans to take stock of the top five reasons that one should consider joining the military themselves.

Find Out Who You Really Are

The United States military is tough, yet rewarding. Every branch inducts their candidates into several weeks’ worth of physical and mental training. Those that graduate from boot camp or basic training are always much different than they were before they started. Jim Walker says that most individuals will attest that it was a difficult, yet positive experience showing them that they were capable of more than they thought they were.

Learn Employable Skills

The military does not require recruits to arrive already experts at their job. Every branch trains their recruits in technical skills from the ground up. Additionally, the military puts those technical skills to use immediately and in large doses. Even those that serve one four-year term emerge experts in their field. Many former military servicemen and women go on to become successful engineers, doctors, pilots, technicians, and so much more. Most importantly, the military teaches recruits vital soft skills such as teamwork and leadership, problem solving, communication, and respect. Jim Walker attributes his success in government and more recently as the President of Black Swan Digital Forensics to his years of training and experience in the Army.

See the World

The military will take recruits from their hometown and send them all over the country, and ultimately the world. This has an amazing effect upon one’s perspective, as it allows you to see just how vast the world can be, and how despite different cultures and languages, people are still people and connections can be formed.

Serve Your Country

Those that are willing to put themselves in harm’s way for their country truly understand what it means to live a life of purpose. They accomplish more in life, as they have learned to give themselves to a cause that is bigger than themselves. Additionally, Jim Walker notes that military veterans often feel a greater sense of appreciation for the privileges availed to them as American citizens and are prouder of their place within the world.

Tuition Assistance

More recently, rising college tuition costs have made it more difficult for young people to get a college degree. Military servicemen and women receive a large amount of tuition assistance during and after their time in active duty. US military veterans not only get the opportunity to emerge from their service with strong technical skills and experience, they also may pursue a college degree without having to endure college debt. As such, those that are willing to submit to the rigors of military life may also choose to enjoy a free college education at a number of universities across the United States.

Jim Walker concludes that joining the military can provide many advantages that help to provide personal development for an individual who is unsure of what they want to do in life. It can help you find new companions, new goals, and a new appreciation for life.

Jim Walker

Written by

Jim Walker is the President of Black Swan Digital Forensics | Memphis, Tennessee | Georgia

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