Imperfect Action

Not long ago I watched a video called “Take Imperfect Action”. It was done by a woman named Suzanne Doyle-Ingram. You should check it out. Awesome video. Something about what she was saying (not just the words) really spoke to me.

Has this every happened to you? A voice that is almost mesmerizing.. or puts you in a trance.. or it soothes you and you just want to listen more and more…

I digress.. oh yes, imperfect action.

So this idea of just taking action even if you are not ready.

No matter what you feel at the moment, you just act. Do something in spite of the fear, the anxiety, the worry and concern about rejection or failure or judgment.

When you do it, something inside you will feel so strong and free.

The more you do it, the stronger this becomes.

It’s natural to have fears.

Just today I had a fear of sending an article to a big time website for publication.

But I did it.

I help my finger above the enter button for a little bit longer than normal but I did it.

And no matter what happens, I’m glad I did.

Each time we act we build something inside ourselves.

The more action we take, the less scary it will seem. And the more good things will happen!

There’s this book I read called “Go for No” and it is basically this same concept of taking action. In the book, the writers actually encourage you to get rejected. The reason being, the more rejections (no’s) you receive, the closer to the big YES you will get.

Makes sense too. But man is it hard to do! I hate hearing no. There aren’t many things I can think of that make me feel the way the idea of rejection does.

It’s paralyzing. So I have had to fight through it. And I do for awhile and it loses some of its mighty powers over me.

Then I forget about it and think I’ve conquered it. Until it’s time to put myself out there again.. oh damn, no, not this again… and I have to get my fists up once again and fight this dumb concept of rejection. Of people not liking me, or what I say or what I do.

How ridiculous is this?!!

And it’s hard for me to even admit it because I like to think of myself as above this challenge.

Like why should I have to fight this? What is wrong with me that I fear rejection so much?

And I realize I have to just keep taking imperfect action and let the results come as they may.

Life has plans for us. Who knows why or how.. but I do think we all have a reason to be here, a dharma, if you will.

Finding it can be a life-long quest. Or maybe you’ve found it already.

But we will never know how great we can be in whatever endeavor we choose, unless we take imperfect action.

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