Please, Please Steal This Business Idea

I want you to take this and run with it. Dead serious. No strings attached. This is a fantastic opportunity that has the potential to be huge.

Talk to any experienced writer and the topic of self-publishing will soon pop up. Why? Because the playing field has completely changed for writers. With the opportunity to reach the audience in new modern ways, traditional publishing is no longer needed for success.

However, some marketing help is needed. Authors still must connect with new readers. Because of this, modern book marketing is focused on services like Bookbub that have huge email lists. Buyers love a good deal on a book and authors love sales — so email marketing is a fantastic match.

The reality is that almost ALL promotional services focus solely on fiction. Of the fiction that is listed, the majority is romance novels or thrillers.

There is a MASSIVE hole in how books are being marketed.

There is not a good, simple alternative to market nonfiction books other than Bookbub. And Bookbub rejects about 90% of submissions. And even Bookbub focuses on fiction.

I get it — fiction is the top seller, so it makes sense that most of the attention from these services focuses on the it. But this approach is still missing out on a huge market.

We now live in the age of the Long Tail. You can serve one niche and make a career out of it.

Just one area of nonfiction to consider is the shift toward being self employed and not having a physical office anymore. So many areas fall under this: Starting your business. Technology. Podcasting. Marketing. Startups. Entrepreneurship. Writing. Editing. Finance. Blogging. Wordpress. Leadership. Design. Organization. Productivity. Communication skills. Each of these topics is more important than ever and will continue to have very significant growth in the future.

This business idea does not have to focus solely on books; all forms of content such as audiobooks, podcasts, videos and more can be featured on this service.

Do you have the chops to see this idea through? I have no doubt there are MANY people who could pull this off if they pour the sweat equity into this. And this business has the potential to be absolutely fantastic.

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