The Search For Focus In A Cluttered, Confused World

You read Tweets on Twitter.

You browse Facebook and you’re distracted by likes and notifications.

But you don’t find what you need.

You need focus.

You need clarity.

You need simplicity.

These cost something.

And it might even be more than money.

Stepping away from the phone, turning off the internet and ignoring what some “expert” tells you costs something.

The fear of missing out starts barking in the back of your head.

And it rationalizes with you perfectly.

I just need more information. I just need to check email one more time. I just need…

But this is all lies.

You have what you need.

You have more than what you need.

And that’s the real problem.

Too many apps distract you.

Too many goals distract you.

Mental energy is absolutely key to focus. And yet we often ignore it.

I could easily list out some steps for you telling you what to do here, but it would be meaningless.

You already know what to do. Go do it.

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