Why I Don’t Want an Apple Watch and You Probably Shouldn’t Either

Recently, Apple just had a special event about their Apple Watch. Not surprisingly, the Internet lit up with buzz for this new shiny toy everyone wants to have.

This product is an amazing piece of technology and it’s absolutely gorgeous. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here.

But as cool as the Apple Watch is, I don’t remotely want one.

Why? Because of one word—focus.

It’s already been documented that each of us looks at our smart phones about 100 to 200 times a day and we also check our phones every six minutes. Now with this smart watch, we get to look at our our wrist 1,000 times a day. Sure, you may be able to keep your phone in your pocket some by using this watch, but since there is no keyboard on it, your phone will still be required for many tasks.

The vibration technology on the Apple Watch will only add to more distraction as well. Make no mistake, to have a smart watch is an invitation for bright shiny object syndrome to set up camp on your body.

Focus is the biggest problem we struggle with today.

With the constant busyness and interaction through devices, face-to-face communication is becoming more rare. I want less distraction. I want more focus. Don’t you?

We are already tied to our phones and to our computers. To add another device is just another way to kill focus. I refuse to be tied to three devices.

Our attention spans are finite. Mental energy is extremely hard to gauge and needs to be valued, not ignored.

I know there is no way I can really be present if I have the ultimate distraction attached to my wrist.

This is not to say all technology is evil. Technology is a tool to be used to get things done. I love Apple and have owned many of their products over the years.

I do think this watch is cool in a modernized Dick-Tracy kind of way. But that still doesn’t mean I want to strap the ultimate distraction to my body.

I recently released a book that talks in depth about how to increase our focus, called Hit the Mark . I’ll give you the first 1/3rd of the book absolutely free when you sign up here. I want to continually improve focus and do better work. I want to live a more fulfilled life, not a more distracted one. Don’t you?

How do you feel about the Apple Watch? Just leave a comment or write your thoughts in a reply.

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