Scary Movies I Watched as a Kid (And a Few I Didn’t)

Oh wow, how many buttons have you just pressed!

A List Of Some Of The Stuff That Scared The Crap Out Of Me As A Child (Which I Am Classifying As Being Between The Ages Of Two {1965} And, Oh I Don’t Know, Sometime Next Week Maybe?)

Skulls — ‘till about 6 years old couldn’t contemplate them. I remember being chased by a “friend” with a book with a skull on it’s front cover. Bitch.

The papier-mache puppet of the Beadle from Oliver Twist that my eldest brother made at school — to this day I am convinced he dug it up somewhere. Wizened, with a sickly pallor that I can only describe as elderly pork, he had used metal ball bearings as eyes. It was displayed in the family living room until I became aware that it’s mirrored eyeballs where following me and it had to go and live in the pantry with the cactus that had deliberately popped my balloon.

Dr. Who — “Fury From The Deep”, April 1968. This wasn’t about hiding from the Daleks behind the sofa, this was about killer seaweed that moved along pipes. I was convinced this stuff would find it’s way up to the toilet bowl…

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