Dear White People
Chris Pirillo

Looks as if you’ve upset some folks?

As I read the comments from your article I can’t help but notice once again the amount of anger that people are filled with during this election. I find it disconcerting. I too am a white man. I grew up in a lower middle class home and we basically had what we needed growing up. My parents were from the World War II generation and they judged people by their last name. In my generation we didn’t notice such things. My friend Kenny was just that. It didn’t matter his last name, his family’s place of origin or the color of his skin. As we have evolved many of us no longer think about someone’s sexual preference, orientation, and whom anyone chooses to love. In our country tolerance is always paramount. Tolerance of one another’s religion. Tolerance of each person’s free will given to us by our creator (if you choose to believe). We were built upon a foundation of immigrants. We all came from somewhere at sometime and to deny that is to choose ignorance over the reality of what gives this country it’s rich foundation. To discard the fact that black people in America have been treated disproportionately and have a right to say Black Lives Matter is ludicrous . BLM is an attempt to say please see us, please recognize what is happening to us and our communities. Back to my original thoughts on the responses to this article and the anger during this election. Why so much anger? Can’t we find some empathy for one another? Can we begin the process of letting go of the anger or is it easier to look to someone else and say you’re the one. You are the source of all of what ails me.