The Revolution Will Not Come From Our Candidates
Dominique Matti

This is a well written article and I agree with most of the sentiments you expressed throughout it. I too was so excited and ready to see a dramatic change when President Obama came into office. Being someone that has followed politics throughout most of my adult life I could quickly see how his agenda of Hope and Change were being held hostage by the Republican Party. I unlike many others didn’t feel the Bern. I understood the aims of the Revolution yet maybe of my own failings I am pragmatic about my political leanings. It seems to me that many in the movement all well meaning in their endeavors failed to recognize the practice of politics. With all of this said change comes from those of us that demand it. We can elect people into positions of power that will support the policies that of interest to us. If they fail to produce we need to hold them accountable. We need to vote in local elections to choose leaders in our communities. We ourselves need to become part of organizations that support our values and enrich the towns in which we live. Revolution begins when we as individuals decide we can do better, we would like to be better as a society and choose to find ways in which to bring those ideals into the public discourse.

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