Dave Pell

Unfortunately the sad reality is that Donald Trump does have a chance to be our next President. I am eternally grateful that in this past week it seems that the Trump train is finally starting to come off the tracks yet I am keenly aware that his supporters are going nowhere, no matter what. One of the points you made is one I don’t believe is made as often as it should be. How can someone run for the office of President of the United States and have the audacity to know nothing about American history, global politics, foreign affairs, and seem to have no desire to do what is required in order to at least know enough to get by. Sad to say but I’m going to bet even Sarah Palin knew that Russia had invaded Crimea over two years ago. Donald Trump not so much. Then again Sarah Palin has an advantage she can see Russia from Alaska. Trump believes he is so smart, such a great salesperson, those that voted for him are so loyal that he can close this deal and do it on his terms. Narcissism is ever present in every facet of Donald Trump’s being. He believes what he is selling. He believes you believe and you should have no reason to question him. He has lived a life filled with lies for so long and is so intrenched within those lies that he can no longer recognize anything else outside of it.