Whatever helps you sleep better at night, I guess.
Danny P

I believe that Hillary was well-qualified in that she understood Washington and how the bureaucracy works. She had vast experience as an assistant, a First Lady, a Cabinet Member and a Congressperson. What she didn’t have was the ability to go out and “press the flesh,” to make direct contact with voters on the campaign trail. Evidently she preferred meeting with wealthy elites and did so to get campaign funding. She did not make her platform clear. Trump’s platform was racist, misogynistic garbage but he repeatedly drove it home and people at least thought they knew what he stood for. Clinton may not have been a “weak” candidate but she was a lackluster campaigner. And her campaign leader, Robby Mook, didn’t know how to count electoral votes. Was anybody paying attention to that peculiar quirk of our electoral process? Reince Priebus sure was.

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