Hey Berniecrats, You Don’t Need to Destroy the Democratic Party to Launch a Movement
Sasha Stone

One wonders who Sasha Stone’s daddy is. She’s a clumsy, hack writer whose ostensible purpose is to goad Bernie Sanders’ supporters. I’m not sure why. Bernie recently went on a tour with Tom Perez to encourage people to participate more in Democratic Party politics. One would think that this is a good thing. Stone must think not as she evidently harbors a not so secret grudge against anything Sanders related.

Stone’s allegiance seems to be with Hillary Clinton. As far as electoral politics in this country is concerned Clinton is now toast. Kaput. Null and void. I say this, and I was one of the vaunted 60,000,000 who voted for her last November. I don’t know how many of us did so because the rancid, disgusting reality that we are now enduring was anticipated correctly but I tend to think that it was far more than the 3,000,000 plurality by which Ms. Clinton surpassed Twitterboy. In truth, that’s one statistic which cannot be tabulated accurately. What has been tabulated with reasonable accuracy is that more white women voted for Trump (53%) than voted for Clinton. I’m not entirely certain just what this means but I think it’s fairly safe to say that popularity, an important factor in elections, had something to do with it.

One final thought: I don’t know if Sanders could have won or can win a national election. I tend to think that few, if any, other people can accurately do so. One thing I am pretty sure of though: His campaign manager will know how to count electoral votes better than Robbie Mook, and Bernie will campaign in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania after the convention if he’s the candidate in 2020.