Why the GOP and the Bernie Left Don’t Care About “the Russia Story”
Sasha Stone

Ratfucking commie purists! Poor Hillary, the crucified one! Woe is us! We’ve gone to hell and it’s all baaad Bernie’s fault!

Meanwhile the Midterms are thundering down the track, and soon after the August hiatus they’ll be barely a year off. So - keen idea - let’s trash the most popular national politician that isn’t a Republican. It doesn’t matter if we indulge in hyperbole and pretzel logic and use the Nixon election of forty-five years ago to make our point, Sanders must be stopped!

I’m not sure why he must be stopped though. At the moment he’s got the most coherent set of ideas of any American politician on the left or right and he’s making his presence known in a number of critical states that did not vote for Hillary last year and now are feeling voter’s remorse.

That said, he may not choose to run again. What he is already doing is bringing to light the cruel agenda that the Republicans are trying to inflict on America and he’s doing a very good job of that. The only other politician who comes close to what Sanders is doing is Elizabeth Warren. Both of them give me hope for the future. They’re speaking out and putting pressure on the Trump Administration that doesn’t require undeniable proof that Trump’s boys and girls were criminally or treasonably connected to the Russians. That may eventually come to light — or not. If the proof is revealed it will be due to the Congressional Committees responsible or Robert Mueller’s investigation.

So, my concern is what do Sascha and Ryan propose, of a positive, constructive nature, to deal with the challenges we face over the next sixteen months? Who do you think should lead the way and what should they be promulgating? I don’t find ankle-biting about 2016 to be useful now for much of anything.

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