Visitor Management

Week 1 Task — Prototype Your Idea

The aim of this task is to come up with ideas for the app and create a simple 3 screen prototype.

My idea is to build an automatic visitor management system for residential and corporate spaces and to make them safe and secure for everyone involved. The visitor checks in the system when he enters the premises and an ID card is generated for him instantly. An image is clicked from the web-camera to put on the ID card. The host is immediately notified whenever the person checks in along with all his details- Name, Phone Number, Email ID. Later when the visitor is done meeting the host, he checks out of the system and the host is again notified. Also we can generate report for specific time period by specifying the range of dates.

I came up with this idea after experiencing security issues in the apartments that I live in. I wish to implement this system at the entrance of my apartments. Also there are so many places where this thing is still done using pen and paper which is so difficult to manage. I feel that this application will make the process much easy and fast.

3 Screen MVP

Screen 1: This will allow visitors to check-in to the premises by entering there details.
Screen 2: Security personnel can check-out the visitor when they leave the premises.
# ID Card Generation
Screen 3: Generate report for specific time period by specifying the range of date. We can view all the details regarding the person who had earlier checked out.
Screen 4: Register Host to whom the visitor can reach out too.