How to Make your own Custom Candles

Jin Wu
4 min readApr 13, 2018


It’s fairly easy and affordable to make your own candles in any colors (or combination of colors) and shape. In this post, I will show you how to do so, with photos!

What You Will Need:
1. Silicone Mold (<$20):
These can be found anywhere online, or in store. Molds used for crafts or cakes work pretty well. If you have a specific shape in mind and want to make your own mold, you can also make your own.
2. Wax (<$15): Any candle wax or crayons will do. You can also buy an assortment of colored wax palettes that people usually use to create wax seals if you want your candles to be colorful.
3. Wax Melting Spoon (Optional, <$10): This is good to have and usually comes with colored wax palettes. If you don’t have one, you can choose to melt the wax using a spoon or other metal objects. (Your mileage may vary)
4. A Lighter (Not Pictured, <$10): This is used to melt the wax
5. Candle Wicks (<$10)

Now, the actual process is quite straight forward. Pick colors you want to use, put (one or more) onto the wax melting spoon, and hold the lighter underneath it for about 30–60 seconds until all the wax has turned into liquid.

Now, start pouring the wax into the mold. You may want to do this in layers to cover all the details, especially if you want multiple colors for the candle.

Once you get to the halfway point, add a candle wick to it. Make sure it’s cut to the desired length.

Then, continue pouring more layers of wax until you reach the top.

Wait a few minutes for the wax to harden. Once it’s done, pull the wax out of the mold.

At this point, you may notice some imperfections. Some parts may have holes while other parts may have excess. Add more wax to the areas with holes if needed. Trim away the excess with a pair of scissors. It should be fairly easy to cut into the wax. Once you are done, you should have something like this:

Enjoy your new candle!

I also made an Iron Man candle recently.

Tutorial instructions are coming soon.

If you decided to follow this tutorial, I would love to see photos of your end result. Post them in the comments below!

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