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Jina Anne
Jina Anne
Aug 1, 2017 · 3 min read

Today is my last day at Salesforce.

I had a really, really long post in the works about my 5 and a half years here, but it was starting to become so long, I don’t think anyone would read it. I decided to keep things short now. I will tell that story later, in a multi-part series. Here’s a much more compact version for now.

I’ve had an amazing time here, from the 2 years as a product designer at the former Salesforce-owned start up, , to the 3.5 years on this core team that went by many names over the years: Salesforce CloudCreative OpsSystemsVisual SystemsDesign SystemsUXE, Design Systems.

This team has changed and evolved so much, and because of that, I got to do a lot of really, really cool things!

  • Working with an exec to create a pitch deck to propose a fan app idea using the Salesforce1 platform to the Golden State Warriors. This got me a ticket to the game in the Salesforce suite!
  • Design and prototyping for the Salesforce1 product, working on a global visual design specification and template, and standardizing our typography, spacing, and color.
  • A marketing website for the UX team that unfortunately never launched, but it was fun to work on!
  • Working with R&D + UX Engineering to architect and naming conventions that would forever change the way we scale our design (and now has changed how many other companies scale their design as well).
  • Proposing the CSS framework + design system now known as the , and recruiting some of the coolest folks in the biz to come help get SLDS off the ground (was so stoked to get my long-time friend Stef. Sullivan Rewis on the team).
  • Evangelizing the design system to the world at events including Adobe MAX!
  • For a while, running our Salesforce UX , , & presence, planning/organizing/supporting numerous meet ups, and our conference sponsorships.
  • Organizing of my own, that while ran as an indie project, was supported by Salesforce (for which I’m very grateful).

There is a lot more I could add to the list but these were my highlights. This truly was the best job I ever had and I’m grateful for everything I was able to do. I’m so proud of the Lightning Design System and the work we’ve all done together, and I look forward to seeing where it goes next.

What’s Next?

One thing I have learned in the last few years is that I really, really like community building.

I enjoy putting on meetups (the and (a Sass and frontend meet up). I love working on my design systems conference, . I’m stoked that the I created has about 3,000 people in it now! And I enjoy speaking and conducting workshops.

I want to do more work like this, as well as spending some time writing. I have a publication in the works, as well as a book. And now I will have more time to do it.

I also want to help others with their own design systems. Whether it’s to get one off the ground, or to audit what is already existing, I will be available for design systems consulting. I can also do workshops and training.

I’ve already got a contract I’ve committed to that starts very soon, and I’m so excited about it. More on this later. 🙃

As for full-time roles, it is not a consideration right now. But for the right role (design systems leadership, advocacy/evangelism, or both) and the right company, I could be open to it.

Thank you Salesforce, the Lightning Design System team, and for the community for being awesome. Now, I’m ready for the next chapter.

Onward & Upward.

Jina Anne

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Jina Anne

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