Thank You Salesforce


Today is my last day at Salesforce.

I had a really, really long post in the works about my 5 and a half years here, but it was starting to become so long, I don’t think anyone would read it. I decided to keep things short now. I will tell that story later, in a multi-part series. Here’s a much more compact version for now.

I’ve had an amazing time here, from the 2 years as a product designer at the former Salesforce-owned start up,, to the 3.5 years on this core team that went by many names over the years: Salesforce CloudCreative OpsSystemsVisual SystemsDesign SystemsUXE, Design Systems.

This team has changed and evolved so much, and because of that, I got to do a lot of really, really cool things!

  • Working with an exec to create a pitch deck to propose a fan app idea using the Salesforce1 platform to the Golden State Warriors. This got me a ticket to the game in the Salesforce suite!
  • Design and prototyping for the Salesforce1 product, working on a global visual design specification and template, and standardizing our typography, spacing, and color.
  • A marketing website for the UX team that unfortunately never launched, but it was fun to work on!
  • Working with R&D + UX Engineering to architect the Design Token system and naming conventions that would forever change the way we scale our design (and now has changed how many other companies scale their design as well).
  • Proposing the CSS framework + design system now known as the Salesforce Lightning Design System, and recruiting some of the coolest folks in the biz to come help get SLDS off the ground (was so stoked to get my long-time friend Stef. Sullivan Rewis on the team).
  • Evangelizing the design system to the world at events including Adobe MAX!
  • For a while, running our Salesforce UX Twitter, Blog, & Dribbble presence, planning/organizing/supporting numerous meet ups, and our conference sponsorships.
  • Organizing a design systems conference of my own, that while ran as an indie project, was supported by Salesforce (for which I’m very grateful).

There is a lot more I could add to the list but these were my highlights. This truly was the best job I ever had and I’m grateful for everything I was able to do. I’m so proud of the Lightning Design System and the work we’ve all done together, and I look forward to seeing where it goes next.

What’s Next?

One thing I have learned in the last few years is that I really, really like community building.

I enjoy putting on meetups (the San Francisco Design Systems Coalition and The Mixin (a Sass and frontend meet up). I love working on my design systems conference, Clarity. I’m stoked that the design systems slack I created has about 3,000 people in it now! And I enjoy speaking and conducting workshops.

I want to do more work like this, as well as spending some time writing. I have a publication in the works, as well as a book. And now I will have more time to do it.

I also want to help others with their own design systems. Whether it’s to get one off the ground, or to audit what is already existing, I will be available for design systems consulting. I can also do workshops and training.

I’ve already got a contract I’ve committed to that starts very soon, and I’m so excited about it. More on this later. 🙃

As for full-time roles, it is not a consideration right now. But for the right role (design systems leadership, advocacy/evangelism, or both) and the right company, I could be open to it.

Thank you Salesforce, the Lightning Design System team, and for the community for being awesome. Now, I’m ready for the next chapter.

Onward & Upward.