Memebox iOS App Redesign

As an avid skincare, health, and beauty advocate, I am a huge fan of Memebox, an international startup with branches in Korea, China, and the US. As an ecommerce company in the intersection of beauty and tech, they recently introduced mobile apps for shopping ease. This is my analysis of its usability and a visual redesign. If you’d like to view the InVision mockup, click here.


Based on the usability evaluation guidelines from


The iOS app follows the general model of mobile shopping apps, but there are two main navigation hubs which interferes with the user’s mental model (Figure 2). Neither have affordances that indicate they are scrollable. The header navbar’s categories are also not the same as the nav list.


Adding items and checking out is easy to learn. Checking account info and requesting support in the help center is only feasible if the user can find it on the left-side nav list. When help center is clicked, it links to the website’s support page, which is not designed to fit on a mobile device screen (Figure 6).


Adding items to the cart is inefficient because it requires the user to choose options, such as color, even when there is only one option (Figure 3). The search option only yields results with exact phrases (Figure 4). There is also no wishlist, so the only way to save items is to add them to cart. Items cannot be sorted, leading to long browsing sessions (Figure 5).


The interface is fairly memorable once a user gets used to the tasks, although very inefficient.


Users may not find what they want when searching for items with the Search function. Several items are placed in misleading groups in the store (Figure 4) which keeps uses from finding what they want. Users may accidentally click between “Shop More” and “Checkout” (Figure 9). These errors are not severe, but very frequent.


The user will overall like the system if they enjoy mobile browsing over web apps, as Memebox is based on the in-browser app, but it can be inefficient and lead to the users only shopping on desktop (and possibly prevent sales!)


You can view my mockup on InVision here.