Karma Refuel Grandfather Program FAQ

a better way of doing this would have been simply having data expire!


i have an att gophone plan where i’m not charged by the month but whose minutes expire every 3 months and after that, i am without minutes until i choose to refill.

that would have been preferable to me than simply paying $3.95 that gets me nothing and is just a service charge that ends up being a CONTRACT. UGH! the entire selling point of your product was to not be slaved with continuous, contract, monthly costs.

and what about the situation where somebody signs up for RGP but a couple of months down, he cancels ongoing RGP charges? … does that person reserve the right to continue RGP at some later point or are they dropped from RGP as soon as they stop continuous payments? do ya see how that’s a defacto contract plan? (and more restrictive than other contracts that can be canceled and signed up for again!)

i don’t like the way you guys did this. it goes against one of the primary selling points of your product and you are removing the promise of freedom with which you drew cost conscious customers like me.

i understand that you guys offered a product with a promise that you couldn’t afford to continue to deliver on. but that was your call and is your problem. visiting it on your customers like this is not cool.

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