Good morning Microsoft! It’s 2016 and I thought we need to have a talk.

1. Will you finally figure out a seamless experience for office on cloud?

2. On one side your PR team shouts ‘hey we want a digital India’. On the other side your company hires wannabe piracy agents that bribe local cyber police and harass really tiny start-ups.

(These guys harassed a friend’s start-up by searching his premise without a proper warrant. They illegally confiscated his entire computer even though only a single disk had the pirated version on MS Office installed on it. My friend was asked for license + ‘settlement’ fees)

3. Thank you for supporting the open source movement. I am sure your stupidity will encourage more IT experts to make a shift towards Ubuntu and OpenOffice.

4. Why are you still asking us to pay for software in 2016? I really don’t understand you. All your competitors offer their software service for free. Sure, they may have NOT lobbied with school boards to teach kids “Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE)” and other Microsoft products. But still, it’s 2016!

Note: SSC schools in Mumbai teach their students how to use IE.

Note: Antipiracy raids are real. Know your rights and defend against the malpractices of MS’s agents.

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