Why U.S. Environmentalists Lost the Climate Change Fight
Kevin Brass

Have you also considered one of the factors leading to the so called failure is the lack of leading by example?

The general public may or may not be smart, but they’re really good at detecting hypocrisy and BS. Given the imminent and disastrous nature of the climate changes that have been pushed around by louder speakers for many decades now, one would think those prominent figures who’re firm believers should at least do something in their own lives to lead by examples, right? Because it makes perfect sense for a water quality scientist who lives in a contaminated area to buy clean bottled water instead of drinking from taps. But did any of those prominent figures let go of their private jet trips, extensive ICE car collections, mega-mansion, turn down their AC units, stop using dish washers and start doing dishes the old fashioned and environmentally friendly way, or practically anything that could lower their carbon footprint? None.

What this tells people loud and clear that 1) the talking heads themselves don’t worry about and believe in the imminent disasters and 2) they’re “do as I say not as I do.”

Well, that guarantees a failure.

(Note, I’m aware individual efforts are not enough, people might argue. But not showing any sincere level of engagement and efforts by the elites is truly a damaging factor.)

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