20-Dec-2017 Day 1 in Cairns, QLD, AU

I woke up at 4:00am, and quickly had breakfast (soy milk, banana and oats). I didn’t wash face lol coz I washed it really clean 5 hours ago. Just one school bag and a small pocket bag. 5 suits of summer clothes and my lunch box, and other stuff such as charger, ipad, iphone, wallet, toothbrush, fruit and nuts.

I walked so fast on the road. Stars were still shining. Only saw several people. 15min walking to the bus stop. Got sweaty soon. My friend Jing got up the same bus at Eastlakes station. We then walked another 30 min to Domestic Airport in Mascot. Totally sweaty on my back and bag. I could wet my hands when I touch the back of my T shirt.

Finally reached the boarding gate. Now it was the beautiful sunrise.

At Domestic Airport Terminal, Sydney.

Luckily only both of us sat in three seats. I like sitting by the window of plane to watch and enjoy the scenary outside.

From Sydney to Cairns, the sky and sunshine was so amazing all the way. Look at the ordered cloud.

On Air






Cairns, 我来了。

下了飞机,三十多摄氏度的天气和直接的日光,很快让我们干渴、皮肤火辣辣的,后背也全是汗。对于穷留学生,打车会很贵,我们选择从机场走路去hotel. 烈日下我们走了1个多小时。前半段路没有步行道,我们小心翼翼的沿着机场公路,踏着草木和土石,一路走去。周围起伏的青山,充满着热带雨林的气息。


Esplanade, Cairns, QLD, AU

We booked hotel together with flight tickets on Jestar. Not expensive. We should book standard twin room instead of double room, so now we have one queensize bed only. Anyway, sometimes I just don’t wanna face a person when sleeping.


由于下午1点才能check in,我们到的太早(10:00am左右),先把行李寄存,背个小包,沿着路数百米就是city shopping center,在coles里买吃的,仿佛在悉尼的感觉,然后朋友在kmart买了太阳帽,休闲鞋等,吃饱喝足,我们又径直去了那纤长的海滩。这条海滩集休闲娱乐健身BBQ公园游泳池和船舶码头一体,与night market相邻,随处可见肌肉男和散步的人们。


Cairns Esplanade Lagoon

The Esplanade Lagoon是一处人造沙滩游泳池,上午没有开放,下午我们check in后,飞快的冲了个澡,换上swimwear,我俩就跳进泳池,感觉奔走燥热的身体一下子舒展放松了。32℃的高温是这里每天很平常的温度,阳光毫不吝啬,我们和原住民的孩子们,和浪漫的情侣们,在此地共度时光。

傍晚我们决定去night market,我不怎么饿,里面是几家餐厅和小商品市场,中国人群集的地方。




We went back to hotel for rest early. Booked the trip in rainforest next day. It was a good night. I fell asleep by 10:30pm and woke up by 6:00am automatically. Unbelivable, it seems my sleepcycle becomes normal with no effort~

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