My self introductory blog

Greetings everyone.

My name is Buyinza William Jingo. Iam 18 years old, a senior six vacist from Mengo SS (MEG) and I had my O_level from Makerere college school(macos). Iam a son to Mr. Kawooya Ronald and Mrs. Kawooya Betty. I live in kasangati Kira and I have stayed there for the past 12 years. When I was younger I was diagnosed with asthma and so I have some allergies to coldness, high temperature, dust, smoke and such but not to worry alot, I am kinda out growing it.

Some of my hobbies or should I say addictions are movies, adventuring, and making new friends.

On the other hand, I greatly dislike fake friends and I ain’t a big soccer fan though a fan of the Uganda cranes.

I am can say that I am a jolly person and rarely angered though thats not an excuse for anyone to try because it can get terrifically bloody.

I want to learn code so as to be part of the team that will make the world a better place for everybody.

As I conclude, I thank the entire Andela team for the opportunity rendered to me to freely learn code and in such a warm and embracing environment. I also wish everyone one a productively fun filled experience. Thanks.

Buyinza William J