Valentine’s Day:People spend a lot of money on Love

Valentine’s Day just passed a few days, and hope everyone had a wonderful experience. How did you celebrate your Valentine’s Day? Did you buy some gifts for him/her? How much did you spend for the Valentine’s Day?

Do you still think Valentine’s Day means romance, love and surprise?Actually, it has become a commercial holiday already. Marketers think Valentine’s Day is a wonderful date, they make promotions and advertising gimmicks to attract consumers. Everyone’s email and mail box is full of sales news. They make a long list of gifts, and they think everyone can find the satisfied one from the list. The list is both for buyers and acceptors, and they can get inspiration from it. Buying gifts has become the most common and famous celebration.

Based on research, the amount of money that men spend on Valentine’s Day is twice as much as women. The most lucrative industry is jewelry, and the following ones are “going out”, flowers and candy.The online shopper spend more than in-store shoppers on average, since most people believe that the discount online is more that that in store.

So, in order to obtain more rewards on Valentine’s Day, marketers should pay attention several factors, including focus on men, increase the advertising online, special offers for the most profitable industries. Another suggestion for marketers is attempting to cooperate with famous blogger and YouTubers, promotion will be easier by their influence.

One last word, Valentine’s Day is a love day, the most important is the real emotion and staying with your lover. Please following your heart. Love is priceless forever!!!


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