Using dance imagery

“Imagery may arise spontaneously, in a dance technique class, or simply while walking or doing any task. Imagery may arise from the study of the human body, its design, and its function. The arts are a rich source of inspiration for imagery, be it visual arts such as sculpture and painting as well as prose and poetry. A spontaneous image may also present itself with a hidden message that will be uncovered by the dance it inspires.” (Franklin, 43) In my opinion, using imagery brings a greater richness to one’s performance which is essential to a dancer. When a dancer goes through temporary slumps and is unable to find inspiration, they can use dance imagery techniques to help them to solve this problem and reinvigorate their dancing.

The following is an example about how I use imagery to help myself when I dance. In our modern dance class when our professor told us to move and imagine you are a part of nature, I initially was unsure of what to do, however when I saw a flower on my

bag it gave me the idea to connect this to my dance and imagine that I am a flower. I was using imagery to draw inspiration, which helped me push beyond previous limitations in my dance. I believe applying imagery has helped me greatly to improve my plies, turns, and interaction within space.

As a dancer and a beginner I was struggling with the modern dance technique. However, using dance imagery has help my body to attempt many new incredible modern dance moves and enhance my self-expression as a dancer. As a result I understand the need to find the images which can continue to help me push my performance further and further.

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