When are we happy?

When are we happy? More precisely to say in S. Korea, when are we going to be happy? So, as you see, it’s future tense, not present. Are we ever going “to be happy” in future?

To be more accurate, I needed to define first, “What’s happiness exactly anyway?” So here’ the definition from Wikipedia. Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being which can be defined by, among others, positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

However, it is very sad that in the city and the period of the time I live in right now, people put up with all kinds of crap for “Future” happiness. They are, well, we are miserable at present but trying hard to be happy in future. They, (well, it’s more accurate to say “We” instead of “they” because I am one of them, but somehow I wanted to isolate myself from this pity group or something) study more than 12 hours a day to get into a better university, then, the reality awaits you where you have to study even harder to get good grades and many certificates for a better job. Then, next stage is getting married with a person with good conditions and then having a child or two then, you will have to have this big apartment in the central part of Seoul for your children’s education, and then what??? Would there be happiness waiting for you??? The answer is, I am afraid, NO.

You can either be happy right now or never in future as said from one of my favorite book “Courage to be disliked” by Ichiro Kishimi. As a person who tried my best to be a good student in my entire school life and to be a good “employee” in my entire career, I say, it is time for me to make a decision by myself whether to be happy or not right this moment, even if with the same conditions.

Therefore, I’d like to acclaim this day as a “nothing-big-happened-normal-day-but-a-little-bit-enlightened-day”. I am emotionally content that I have my family who have always loved me and pleasant that I decided to accept myself as I am now. There are lots of things I still want to try in my life which makes me excited every time I think of them. Also I am mentally and physically healthy and I have a husband who loves me and supports me all the time whatsoever (and vice versa). So this night, this moment at least, I found myself with no reason not be happy right now.

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