Dark Wood Floors vs. Light Wood Floors

Picking out the color, style, and finish of your floor can be stressful because it is a decision that is done infrequently. Due to cost and inconvenience, changing your floors every few years is not an option for most, so be sure to compare everything when picking out the flooring.

A. Rudin creates unique and comfortable custom luxury furniture that should be showcased properly, so compare the benefits and drawbacks of dark wood and light wood floors before making your final choice.

Dark Wood Floors

Dark wood floors have been very popular lately, and not just because of their deep, rich aesthetic appeal. Dark wood has the ability to go with many different styles of furniture, cabinets, and drapes. Whether you are looking for a formal living room or a casual place for your kids to play, you can find an appropriate dark wood floor for most looks. The versatility and flexibility of this floor coloring is extremely beneficial because it allows you to build the atmosphere of a room around it.

Dark wood gives you the ability to have formal living spaces when you are single, and then reform those spaces into casual rooms that are more appropriate once you start a family and have kids running around the house. This option gives you a lot more bang for your buck because it can be timeless. You also get to pick from a much wider variety of finishes because you can stain lighter woods to make them dark, but not the other way around. Dark wood does not come without its flaws though. One major disadvantage of hard wood floors is that dust, debris, and scuffs show up a lot more than lighter wood. You also need to be careful using dark wood flooring in small areas because it tends to make rooms look smaller than they are.

Light Wood Floors

There are many reasons to pick light wood flooring for your home, but the most prominent reason is because of natural light. The greatest benefit that light wood flooring has over dark wood flooring is that it brightens a room up immensely. So, if you do not have a lot of natural light in your home, or you prefer brighter rooms and tones, lighter wood is the way to go. Just as dark wood makes a room appear smaller, light wood has the opposite affect and opens up a room. While dark wood is appropriate for open floor plans, homes with more closed off spaces would benefit from having lighter color flooring. Consider light color flooring if you have kids or pets because wear and tear will be much less visible than dark colors. In a home full of kids, it is a major benefit to be able to clean the floors less often. One of the major disadvantages of picking lighter colors is that you have fewer options to pick from when it comes to décor.

Which One Is Better?

The verdict of dark wood versus light wood is completely dependent on your specific style preference and living situation. One style is not better than the other, they are just different. It is recommended that you choose the style of flooring that matches your furniture and décor color more appropriately because it would be a major undertaking to replace everything you have. Another major consideration is whether you have a lot of traffic through your home, or if there are kids and pets present.

Finally, the size of your rooms and the floor plan of your house make picking the color a bit easier since they are appropriate for opposite layouts. At the end of the day, there is no wrong answer, and be sure to pick what you prefer. And don’t just stop at the flooring, spruce up your home with some new custom furniture that is made with the highest quality fabrics and designed with comfort and fashion in mind. At A. Rudin, you no longer need to decide whether you want to be trendy or cozy; see what exceptional furniture they have by clicking here.