Leads Lost in Labyrinth

Jinni Thomas
Oct 14, 2018 · 2 min read

Most of the businesses, spend a large amount of their marketing budget in generating leads via various channels such as landing pages, inbound emails, enquiry form, online directory services and partners. And once leads are generated, they must pass the test of Corporate Labyrinth to make it successfully to the right sales executive.

But, typically, in medium to large business setup, where there are many regions (north, south, etc.), divisions (export, domestic, consumer, corporate, institution etc.), geographies (APJ, EMEA, MEE etc.) and channels, some of these leads often get lost, get cold, get frustrated because of many reasons including but not limited:

· Ping-pong of lead between division, regions, geographies and channels

· Delay in the first contact to lead

· Delay in initial lead engagement and qualification

· Manual assignment of leads in CRM systems

Some businesses, are trying to solve this with an army of inside sales but face different issues such as training this army on the large bouquet of products & services, attrition of resources and culture of working on defined SLAs (number of attempts, follow-ups).

One of the ways to solve this puzzle even with or without your army of inside sales & CRM is Innversation. Innversation, instantly starts the conversation with customers, auto-qualifies them to navigate Corporate Labyrinth, checks readiness (hot/warm) and assigns automatically to right sales executive.