[E14] Bokeh

This term, of Japanese origin (boke), describes the sense of haziness, or bluriness we sometimes experience when seeing. This term is also used when describing a sense of mental haze, foggyness of the mind, or in extreme cases senility. In photography (bokeh) it is the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens.

I have worn glasses for a large part of my life. Being short sighted (in a physical sense), I perceive much of my waking world in perpetual bokeh when they come off. In fact I have been experiencing life through my eyes this way for the past five years. It's quite nice and enchanting, this dreamy effect. I think this perpetual bokeh had been the reason for my curiosity and infinity to wander, that always calls to me like a moth to a flame. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Sometimes you have to keep these things untouched, as beautiful things are first seen in the ugly. If we all see perfect in every corner, we start demanding perfect unreasonably. That's how boundaries come, prejudices are born.

The bokeh forces me to look and inquire deeper into things. Forms appear before me, already enchanting, beckoning my unconditional investigation. Of course there are drawbacks. Anyone who bumps into me will know my clumsy vision at a distance. Can I be forgiven?

Am I seeing through a delusional filter? Perhaps. But it's by choice, so it's not in total ignorance. My senses are sharp and I prepare well. I cannot say that everyone sees as they do by choice and that their senses are sharp, or even that they prepare well.