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We take a turn towards a key pillar in our vision. Data. To learn more, let's meet Eric! Head of Data at AgriDigital!

How long have you been at AgriDigital?

I’ve been with AgriDigital since day 1, and it’s been a fun 5 years!

Why did you choose software engineering?

I got into software engineering by accident. After graduating from Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, I got a graduate job opportunity as software engineer, and I thought why not giving it a try. My Family always said don’t be picky on getting your 1st job. …

Name any business. It is collecting data about the customer, their own products, market research and everything in between today. Not only are they collecting this data, it’s also growing rapidly to the point that it’s getting ridiculous for humans to even figure out what to do with it all.

So what exactly is customer data? In simple terms, it’s anything to do with the customer (or end user in technical speak). This could be financial transaction data, inventory transaction data, usage data from the platform products, demographic data and virtual infinite amounts of behavioural data.

All this data is…

Credit: AgriDigital

My motivations and observations moving into the agricultural sector

Agribusiness has a growing problem: It is the world’s largest industry with global demand for food and food prices being at the highest levels ever, yet there are not enough people to fill the industry vacancies to meet those future challenges. Less than 1.5% of students entering university in Australian and the USA choose agriculture as a career (me included!).

When you hear agribusiness or agriculture, you probably perceive it as “just farming”; i.e. raising livestock and growing crops. Yet less than 2% of agricultural employment opportunities are on farms. A myriad of agribusiness service industries are directly linked to…

Kicking off a Meet this AgriDigitaler series, we start with Nick, one of the engineers in the Waypath for Mobile product centric team.

How long have you been at AgriDigital?

I’ve been with AgriDigital for 9 months.

Why did you choose software engineering?

I’ve always enjoyed problem solving and originally sought to fulfil that desire through Graphic Design.

The shortfall in Design was the inability to see a project or product through to the end.

I wanted to be able to build and use my solutions rather than just propose them. In this growing digital world, Software Engineering fulfils that desire.

What is 1 thing you love about working at AgriDigital?

I love working with such a diverse group of people to deliver…


Thought provoking product, tech & management. Chief Technology Officer at AgriDigital

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