(Homework) arrange participant MIPIM seminar
A : Is there a manager from MIPIM commitee?
I’m calling that I want to participant the FRUM from MIPIM for my project promotion.
B : I’m the manager, kim. What’s your name and your institution?
A : My name is DAVE from Saemangeum Agency.
B : Okey. You aren’t enrolled yet. So what’s your purpose?
A : right. I just researching now.
We are planning to presetation our project in your MIPIM FRUM.
I heard that your FRUM schedule is released.
On from 26 NOV to 27 NOV this year.
And I know that your FRUM will have one thousand people who working in real estate industry.
Should we participant the FRUM?
And could we presentation?
B : If you are enroll the some sponsership you can participant and presentation.
A : okey I’m planning to enroll the golden sponsership. So how many time we can get?
B : If you get a golden sponsership you can get a one hour for presentation.
A : It’s okey. We just need the time about 45minutes.
And we need some equipment which projecter, screen and mike for presentation.
B : okey you are available.
A : How many people allowed entrance in our group for free.
We are planning to participant 10 people.
We are consist of 4 diffrent institution, and total 10 person.
B : golden sponsership is allowed 4 person for free.
A : so. We have to pay entrence fee for additional person?
B : you have to pay to entrance exceptional 4 person.
4 people is for free and 6 people have to pay.
A : I see. When we attend the FRUM with golden sponsership what is your special offer?
B : We will offer official lunch and gala dinner with real estate CEO.
This is very important opportunity for you.
A : I know that’s why I participant this FRUM with gold sponser.
Do you have any another advantage for us?
B : You can promotion your project on the guide book.
Only one full page during one year.
And your promotion paper is uploaded on our homepage during same period.
A : It’s perfect. So until when I have to report the promotion paper?
I might be hurry up. I will report my promotion paper up to that date.
And I have a one more question.
Do you offer our accomodations?
B : Ofcourse the people who enrolled by golden sponsership will be offered, but the others not offered.
A : Ah.. I see
Then Could you discount accomodation for partcipant this FRUM although exception golden sponsership ?
B : No. We don’t offer the discount boucher, we just offer only the list of accomodation nearby here.
Maybe you have to hurry up book the hotel for obserber because of we were host a lot of people.
A : Okey. Thank you for your kind. And if i have a any question I will send a mail.
Thank you.