Meet Compiler for Sketch, the sassy plugin to manage your exports

📣Today I’m announcing my new Sketch plugin, that I have been working for a couple of months. Meet Compiler for Sketch App

🤔 What is Compiler Plugin for?

Short Answer: A plugin to export files using a single interface

Managing and exporting assets can become messy while working on a huge project or working for a small team. Since the final output is what that counts, exporting files is a task that keeps repeating for every change you make.
It gets worse when you are working on multiple projects (multiple sketch files) and suddenly your team lead/client asks for an update from another project.

😏 So why a plugin?

The first question that pops into your mind would be why a third party plugin when Sketch App does export natively. Although the native exporting works fine, when it comes to functionality, it still remains limited. Compiler plugin retains all the default functionality, and also adds a layer of additional functionality that would indeed boost your current workflow.

🙄 Problem & Solutions

So let's get deep into the core pain points that Compiler plugin solves

Project management

While working with multiple projects, the first thing that annoys is exporting the files while switching projects. Here is a real-world example of how the native exporting works.

Native export always ask for the location while exporting and also It only remembers the previous export location

Using Compiler, you can set one/multiple project folders to a sketch file. Which means, while multitasking between sketch files, 
you could export the artboard your working on to the same path you exported previously. Compiler remembers output paths

Export files using Compiler plugin.

Multiple exports

If you are working with multiple teams and require to share the same output to multiple output locations, then Compiler can do the task for you. Make the changes and click Export. Updated on all locations

Layer naming

When I first discovered how the naming of layers works in Sketch App, I was quite impressed. Later for heavy usages, It didn’t work well. Some cases were
👉 Exporting the same files to another location [Repeats the same pattern]
👉 Viewing the actual file name
👉 Long boring paths

Using Compiler plugin, you can group/ungroup/ rename / all using one Interface.

Sorry for the bad GIF

🤩 How to start

Here a quick start video.

To save a location, you have to hit the save button on the right corner.

💰Pricing & Support

👉 Download or Purchase Compiler using the links

You are free to try Compiler plugin for a trial period of 5 days after which to continue, you have to purchase a license which is $15 (One-time payment). For bulk licensing you can contact via Twitter /Spectrum DMs.

PS: We do not offer refunds. We offer a trial version so you can evaluate the plugin before purchasing a license.

Have any suggestions/bugs feel free to report it on Spectrum by opening a thread. Also, you can join me there to get updates on Compiler

🌑 And DARK or LIGHT? You choose 😎

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