Backpackers Challenge #1

Jinsoo “Lucas” Choi. A 24-year-old university student, living in Republic of Korea, who really likes to listen to new music and watch new movies, and also a person who is trying to be a marketer with ability to truly make a difference. These are the keywords that used to describe me, and I have been satisfied with it so far.

However, there was always something that I have not been satisfied with myself. It was the relationship. It was the bravery to challenge something new. I was always having difficulty getting along with people, and afraid of trying something new to myself. These were the two main factors that I wanted to change, but also having a hard time making actual difference.

Recently, I have practiced myself by actively searching and participating in extracurricular programs and activities. Although I did not changed as much as I wanted, the result showed that I could make a difference in myself too. Now that I have known that I can be changed, I was looking for something totally new. Something that will inspire me to become a better person.

So I started to progress on my own. Participating Google Campus Startup meetings, applying for internship opportunities… Among those progresses was Startup Alliance Program, and my mentor at the time introduced me a very intriguing group. The name of the group was the Backpackers Group, and they were recruiting university students as an actual staff for running a food truck. A food truck? Although I have heard of it sometimes, but running an actual business? It really sounded that this was the thing I was needed.

So I applied for the program, had an interview, and selected as a crew. For two weeks since then, me and other colleagues received rigorous education about business itself. The course included hours of non-stopping debate, making an entire process of how to run our business, and how to cooperate with other person I have never met before. All of the programs were meaningful, and made me keep going for my goal.

Now, I am writing the first chapter of my challenge in Los Angeles. It is evident that I have a long way ahead of myself. Struggles, emotional swings will put me to the test. I am willing to embrace the challenge, and I believe that I can make a difference with my team.