Introducing TrueNorth

The new operating system for truckers.

Traditional trucking companies still run on paper, emails, phone calls, and snail mail. They’re inefficient and bloated. The pressure of low margins suffocates the truckers who actually do the work.

When my grandparents started trucking in the 80s, they had two options: work for a big fleet that scheduled their loads and offered steady (but paltry) pay, or go out on their own and haggle for every load they could find. They conducted their business by phone and by mail. They’d only recently heard about the newfangled “fax machine”. They filed their fuel taxes by hand each quarter. They balanced their books in a giant ledger.

40 years later, little has changed. My cousin Tom has the same two options: work for a fleet and have zero control over his pay and schedule, or operate independently and suffer terrible unit economics. He still operates primarily on phone calls and mail. Most tools in the industry are clunky at best, predatory at worst.

We’re changing that. Our software gives truckers superpowers. A dispatcher to negotiate on their behalf, a CRM, a financial dashboard, real-time market data, automated invoicing. A single place to manage and grow their business.

On top of software, our truckers get the usual benefits of running with a fleet: access to direct customer contracts and discounts on fuel, insurance, and equipment.

Tom & me on Launch Day

Why, you might ask, has it taken so damn long? After all, this is not new technology. It’s a new application of old technology.

I suspect the answer lies in the looming threat of self-driving trucks. Tech companies are afraid to build software for truckers because they assume truckers will be automated away.

I helped lead the autonomy team at a self-driving truck startup. I know that autonomous trucks won’t even start displacing drivers for a decade. And at that point, 3.5 million trucking jobs won’t disappear overnight. Autonomy will chip away at small, low-stakes segments of the market: first it’ll extend a driver’s hours of service, then we might see unmanned dry vans on two-lane highways with clear dividers in Arizona and Texas, where the sun shines all year round.

But truckers are not steering-wheel-holders. Their job is hard, and involves more than simply driving. They keep America’s economy moving, and they’ll be around for a long while.

My cofounder Sanjaya and I started TrueNorth because we saw a hole in the industry: there are trucking companies, and there are tech companies, but there aren’t tech companies with trucking roots. We have an unfair advantage. We grew up with truckers, we know what they need, and we can build it. We’re building the tools that Tom — and hundreds of thousands of other independent truckers — deserve to run their business.

Our mission: profits to truckers. Truckers shouldn’t need to spend hours finding a load or chasing invoices. Our software streamlines time-consuming paperwork and inefficient communication, and the savings go straight to our truckers’ bottom line. We’re proud to say our first truckers will bring home 30% more than they did last year.

We are TrueNorth. Join us.



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