How to Remove the Smell of Microfiber Towels

Have you ever come across the situation when wet microfiber towels, used bathroom towels have disgusting taste, especially rainy days? This flavor is usually caused by mold. Though it is difficult to eliminate, microfiber towels factory Jin-sky lists some useful way to make microfiber towels smell less bad.
Method 1: Use vinegar to remove the smell of the microfiber towels
Firstly, put the microfiber towels into the washing machine, try to use hot water. Add a tablespoon of white vinegar. This time does not add any detergent, fabric softener, or anything else. Then turn on the washing machine. You can later leave the microfiber towels in the washing machine and wash again with some laundry soap or baking soda. And do use hot water too. It can help to kill the fungus on the microfiber towels and bathroom towels.
After washed, turn the dryer to high temperature mode to dry the microfiber towels. It should be completely dry after 10 minutes. If not, replace it to continue drying, or immediately put the microfiber towels under the sun.

Method 2: use ammonia to remove the smell of microfiber towels
Put the microfiber towels into the washing machine.
Add appropriate amount of detergent.
Try to use the hot water. Do not add fabric softener or other things.
Pay attention to the rinse cycle, during which poured a cup of ammonia. And other Waite until the washing machine stops.
Immediately take out the microfiber towels, and turn the dryer to normal mode to drty up the towels.

If it is microfiber cloth for kitchen cleaning, the best way of sterilization is simply rinse, and then put the cleaning cloth into the microwave for 30 seconds.
Before you put microfiber towels into the washing machine, check whether it has any smell. If so, add hot water and 2 cups of bleach to wash the washing machine (do not put any clothes). This can remove the residual water before washing.
Use added fungicide or bleach laundry detergent. This will not only suppress musty, but also to prevent the formation of mildew in the microfiber towels.
When the washing machine is cut off, the moist and closed environment inside is an excellent condition for mold growth. So once the washing machine stops running, we must immediately take out the microfiber towels, so that it won’t the attached microbes will not grow up in it.
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