Here people want to know the introduction of JIO founder of Mukesh Ambani of the JIO Company. Presently the JIO local was officially informed the Previous offer and Plans on the month of 1st September in the year of 2016. Many Networks are upset by listening JIO plans and offers. It is completely 4G and till now it will not support the 3G.

JIO LTE Sim was compatible only working on 4G Smart phones. May be in future 3G network supporting App was releasing as soon as possible waiting for some days. There are many of peoples are got the Jio Sim some people had buy the smart phones were offers a Jio sim and others are support the smart phones. Some dude’s are buy the Jiofi Dongle or Jiofi 2 wifi hotspot device and Jio Dongle 2 device. This device is currently being offered within 3 months for free and also it has unlimited phone and 4G Data will available.

Here this offer can be maximize the date up to the month of 31st March in the year of 2017. Presently Jio offering free sim cards for some branded smart phones like Cool Pad, LG, Samsung, HTC etc. Jiofi Local html also comes our site can give the detailed configuration on Jiofi settings. Here the configuration procedure is fairly easy. We want to know about how to configure and its setup your Jiofi 4G Mifi device follow our website Jiofi local.

Jio Dongle 2 Mifi device will be their in market now in many digital stores here anyone can also purchase through e-Commerce websites also like flipkart and snapdeal etc. Many of people are confusing how to get this device and how they can check the Jiofi Battery status or Jiofi 2 Data Usage and How to change their Jio Dongle 2 Wifi password. Our Jiofi Local website gave detail solution for this problem.