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This year decided to take us all in a direction we never imagined with this: On January 30, 2020, the WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global health emergency. COVID-19 changed a lot around how we function on a day-to-day basis and forced a lot of new systems to come into play we want to highlight remote working…

Did you know In the U.S., 4.7 million employees (3.4% of the workforce) work from home at least half the week? Remote work isn’t as easy as it sounds, without the right structure in place to support this work it can be…

Hello everyone! It's always a great idea to start the article with background information about the characters involved, why we did “it” and how we are carrying on the dream to this day. My name is Joshua Paulsen, the Founder of THE RISE COLLECTION and I will be the first to say it's important to have a team with good spirits behind you when bootstrapping a startup. I am still knee-deep in the process of business building and I am excited to see what the future has to offer…

Introducing Rise Studios a Software Development company with a focus on…


Streaming. The only job every gamer grows up dreaming about. This is a story about myself, a streamer for a few years, who has seen the personal struggle of streaming and why it is so hard to make it in the market.


Growing up I was always a competitive person, games only increased that. Soon I found myself falling in love with Call of Duty (COD), and before I knew it, I was in the competitive scene at a mere age of 12. 11 years ago when I discovered my 1 true dream and passion in gaming, YouTube was just…


At age 14 I found interest in game development interacting with a game engine called Game Salad. I choose the “dive-in head first” approach and explored a little bit of everything. Personally I believe a bit more planned approach would've been extremely beneficial for the developer I would become in the future.

Try And Find A Niche

Instead of putting a blanket around a bunch of development topics and trying to pull them towards you all at the same time try and find your niche! Picking a single topic and getting some sort of “baseline” knowledge down is extremely important. Consider this your foundation... …


As a company, THE RISE COLLECTION was founded with a focus on mobile app development which leads to an explosion of our mobile games portfolio specifically.

Game development has always been something I enjoy and prefer as a creative escape.

Here is a quick look into an app that removes a friction point for users hunting for dividend data on their mobile devices… MazzoMedia created an application that organizes dividend data into different time-focused categories.


Creating a custom TableView for your project can be a tricky thing sometimes.. Endless customization options are at your fingertips when it comes to Apple UI and its honestly very fun to work with! Today I will be explaining how to use a custom .xib file as a tableViewHeader .

Initialize your TableView

To initialize a table view declare the variable like so let yourTableView = UITableView() . Now we have a tableView to work with!

Create a .xib

Click File -> New -> File , then this window will appear. Select View then click next and name your .xib file!


Decided to write an article on brand management just to share what we have gone through over the past year. This isn’t meant to point out ANY mistakes in developing a brand.. “mistakes” are best used as building blocks in the early stages of business development. Learn how to put yourself in this mindset!

One Identity

Early on The Rise Collection represented each digital division with an individual social media accounts on all major platforms. Content is KEY! Stop searching for the “best ways to reach a mass audience” when the answer is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

Each digital division account…

Working on a project today, I ran into a solution that would be good to share with IOS Developers. That is using a swift tool .firstIndex(of: String) to find or replace an indexed string in your array. In my case this was used for error handling!

I have an array setup called var testSlice: [String] = [] which is the final form of var items: [String] = []. The items array is holding strings that represent profilePic id’s that get used in a method later on in the class file.

Empty strings "" were in the array as placeholder values…

This story will introduce the most important information any IOS developer can know…

Specifications of screenshots

One screenshot per localization is required and up to 4 more are optional.

Here are the size of screenshot as per the application:

Screenshot Properties

If your app is the same across device sizes and localizations, you can use the highest resolution screenshot for each device type; this set will scale appropriately for other device sizes when viewed on the App Store in each localization available in iTunes Connect. For example, if your app supports only the iPhone, you can provide 5.5-inch display screenshots and you do not need…


“When you don’t create things, you become defined by your tastes rather than ability. So create.” 👨‍💻 Founder | therisecollection

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