2017 Podcasts 🎧

From philosophy to foreign policy, here’s my 2017 podcast list. (Shout out to sean rose for inspiring why podcasts like these.)

Illustration by Martina Paukova

On Being (Krista Tippett)

Interviews with scientists, theologians, artists, and teachers. Deep, reflective, and thought-provoking.

Strangers (Lea Thau)

A weekly “empathy shot in the arm”. Excellent interviews and storytelling that gives a glimpse of interesting people who walk amongst us.

Hidden Brain (Shankar Vedantam)

Great insights about the way people’s minds work.

This Week in Machine Learning & AI (Sam Charrington)

An authentic, trusted, and insightful guide to all that’s interesting and important in the world of machine learning and AI.

Rational Security (Shane Harris, Benjamin Wittes, Tamara Cofman Wittes, and Susan Hennessey)

An objective, lively, and informative look at national security and foreign policy matters.